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Thomas Allred

  • Born: 1730
  • Marriage (1): Elizabeth Diffee
  • Marriage (2): Elisabeth Twiggs
  • Died: May 1810 at age 80

bullet  General Notes:

WILLIAM ALLRED was born ca 1732 in Northumberland County, Virginia, the son of John Allred (Aldred, Aldridge) of Northumberland County. William, with his brothers John and Thomas, came to North Carolina and settled in Orange County (later Guilford Co., now Randolph County).

Note: Thomas' Will (transcribed as written) In the name of God AmenI Thomas Allred of Randolph County and State of North Carolina being in a low state of health but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God for it calling to mind the mortality of the body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die and touching such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to Endow me with I give and dispose of the same in manner and form hear in after mentioned hearby revoking and disanuling all former wills and testaments by me made allowing and confirming this to be my last will and testament.

Principly and first of all I recommend my Soul unto the hands of Allmighty God who gave it to my body to the Earth to be buried at the discretion of my friends. I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my well beloved wife all my stock of cattle (except one cow and calf) and all my hogs and sheep, and one bed and bedsted and furniture the dressors in the kitchen and all the articles on them and one iron pot and dutch oven.

I give to my sons and daughters James, William,Elias, John, Moses, Eli, Rachel Brown, Elizabeth Jones each the sum of twelve shillings to be raised out of the stock bequeathed to my wife. I give to my Grandson William Allred, son of Elias Allred my bay horse. I give to my son Levi the tractof land wherean I now live containing 150 acres reserving to myaforesaid wife the priviledge of living in the home and enjoying the plantation during her natural life and the remainder of my estate I give to my son Levi I appoint my son Levi Executor ofthis my last will and testament witness my hand and seal this8th day of November 1809 signed, sealed and delivered by thesaid testator as for his last will and testament in presents of Joseph Allred his Enoch Davis Thomas Allred (seal)

The Allred (Aldridge) Family of England and North Carolina The origin of this surname traces back to ancient Anglo-Saxon times. It is said to be a compound of the Anglo-Saxon "ald" or eald" meaning old and "rad" or "red" signifying wise counsel. In the old Gothic language, it appeared a ALDRED and in English as ELDRED or ALDRED.1 Another author terms ALDRED and ALDRIDGE as "undoubted survivors of Anglo-Saxon compounds" AETHELRAED or EALDRAED.2 A third explanation given is that the name had the signification of "all-dread" or "all-fear," since "All" and "Ael" in Old English and Saxon mean the same as the English"All," and "dred" is equivalent to our modern dread or fear. This author then lists these equivalents: "ALDRED (Sax) All-fear "Aldridge (Sax.) The same as Aldred, of which it is a corruption."3 The interchangeable character of the surnames ALDRED and ALDRIDGE and of ELDRED and ELDRIDGE is shown in the history of the New England branches of these families. In the vital records of Dedham, Mass., one of the early settlers is recorded as HENRY ALDRIDGE or ALDRIDG. He is also called ALDRIDGE in the town records. In four entries of the church records he is called ALLRED in three of them; in the fourth (his burial) he is called HENERY ALLDRIDGE.4

1. Surnames As a Science, by Robert Ferguson, George Routledge and Sons, London, 1883, p. 41.
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3. Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names, by William Arthur Sheldon, Blakeman & Co., New York, 1857, p. 50.
4. Dedham Vital Records, First Church Records. Similarity WILLIAM ELDRED became a resident of Yarmouth ,Mass. In the second and third generation the surname of his descendants changed from ELDRED to ELDREDG, ELDREDGE, and ELDRIDGE, and so has continued to the present.
5 SAMUEL ELDRED, of Cambridge, Mass., and Stonington, Conn., is believed to have been the brother of William of Yarmouth. Samuel came from Lavenham, Suffolk, England, according to Col. Edward Banks` Topographical Dictionary of English Emigrants to New England, page 157.

HENRY ALDRED OR ALDRIDGE of Dedham, Mass., was from Brampton, Suffolk, being of THOMAS ALDRED (called THOMAS ALDERED at marriage, May 3, 1624), who married Mary Chickeringe. She was the daughter of Henry Chickeringe of Rinesfeild, Suffolk. In his will dated July 11, 1626, the latter mentions his "daughter Mary, now wife of Thomas Aldred of Brampton."

It is reasonable, therefore, to look to Suffolk and the adjoining county of Norfolk, England, for the origin of the Aldred-Eldred family. This area was in all probability the original home of the Aldreds. Evidences at hand probe that persons bearing this surname in its varied forms of spelling were living in this general locality from the time when surnames first came into general use.

THE ALDRED-ALDRICH-ALDRIDGE FAMILY OF WORSTEAD, NORFOLK, ENGLAND, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA, RANDOLPH COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. The first of this family recorded as living at Worstead, Norfolk, England, was the Rev. HENRY ALDRED, who was Vicar there in the year 1553. Blomefield, in his monumental History of Norfolk, Vol. 5, pp. 1455-14565, says the town of Worstead is situated in a flat country. Worstead stuffs have said to have taken their name from this town, from being first manufactured there.

The church is dedicated to St. Mary. He speaks of the priory of Bromholm, and of its dissolution on May 26, 6th year of Edward VI (1553), adding: "On the dissolution of the priory, the manor belonging to it, with the rectory, and the patronage of the vicarage, were granted to the dean and chapter of Norwich; and the vicarage is valued at 10 lb. Per anom. --Mr. HENRY ALDRED vicar." (P.1456)

Henry Aldred may have been father of the Rev. HENRY ALDRED, who was Vicar and Curate, at Marsham, Norfolk, and also at Worstead, villages about six miles apart. These entries relate to him: 5 Yarmouth Vital Records. "Henry Aldred, Clerke then Curate here, and Margrett Browne were married 4 day of June 1599." (Marsham P.R., p. 31). "Henry Aldred, Vicar of Worsteds, resigned 1603, then became Vicar of Rushall, presented by sir Edward Clere." (Henry W. Aldred: Suffolk Records, p. 54)

In the Worstead Parish Registers appear several entries relating to him.

1609 10 March: John s. Henry Aldred.

1610 25 April: Margaret w. Henry Aldred, vicar of Worstead.
1618 2 June: Alise w. Henry Aldred, clerk.
1628 11 Jan.: Cicilie w. Henry Aldred, clerk.
1647 15 Apr.: Dorothy w. Henry Aldred, Vicar.
1648 1 Dec.: Henry Aldred, Vicar.

Probable children of Rev. Henry Aldred, Sr.:
I. JOHN ALDRICH, b. ca. 1558, of Worstead, Norfolk, England, m. There, 2/9/1583-4, AGNES ROLFE or Roffe.
II. (REV.) HENRY ALDRED, b. ca. 1564, Vicar of Marsham, Worstead and Rushall, Norfolk; buried at Worstead, 12/1/1648; m.

(1) 6/4/1599, at Marsham, MARGARET BROWNE,
(2) ALICE , buried 6/2/1618;
(3) CECILIE , buried 1/11/1628;
(4) DOROTHY , buried 4/15/1647. Child: (First marriage)

1. JOHN ALDRED, chr. 3/10/1609, Worstead, Norfolk, England. JOHN ALDRICH, probably son of the elder Rev. Henry Aldred of Worstead, was b. Ca. 1558. He m. At Worstead, 2/9/1583-4, AGNES ROLFE or ROFFE. (Another reading of this surname in the register gives it as ROSSE,) It would appear that John Aldrich or Aldridge had traveled, and his wife Anne (Agnes and Anne were often used interchangeably), thinking him dead, remarried EDMUND BOUTMAN, 2/2/1596.

The record of Bishop Redman's Visitation of the Diocese of Norwich, 1597, under Worstead, contains this presentment: "ANN ALDRIGE. For having two husbands living."1

The Worstead Parish Registers contain these entries:

1585 25 Dec.: Emma d. Johannis Aldrich.
1588 3 Oct.: Johannis s. Johannis Aldrich.
1590 8 Nov.: Gracia d. Johannis Aldrich.
1597 2 Jan.: Willmus s. Agnetis Aldriche.
1599 25 Feb.: Radelph s. Johannis Aldrich.

1584 9 Feb. John Aldriche & Agnes Roffe (or Rosse or Rolfe).
1596 2 Feb.. Edmund Boutman & Anne Aldriche
1613 2 Feb.. Barthrum Seeke & Emma Aldrich.
1626 2 July Clement Aldrich & Susan Boswell.

1610 11 Jan. Agnes w. John Aldrich.

A NICHOLAS ROFF married Cecilia Carr at Worstead in 1570; and Margaret Roff married Roger Forman there in 1568. These were probably relatives of AGNES ROFFE who married John Aldrich.

2 Children of John Aldrich and Agnes Rolfe: {chr. At Worstead, Norfolk}

I. EMMA Aldrich, chr. 12/25/1585, m. 2/2/1613, BARTHRUM SEEKE.
II. JOHN Aldrich, chr. 10/3/1588.
III. GRACE Aldrich, chr. 11/8/1590.
IV. WILLIAM Aldrich, chr. V. RALPH Aldrich, chr. 2/15/1599.
VI. CLEMENT Aldrich, b. ca. 1601; m. 7/2/1626, SUSAN BOSWELL.

CLEMENT ALDRICH OR ALDRIDGE, son of John Aldrich and Agnes Rolfe, was born about 1601, at Worstead, Norfolk, England. He was married at Worstead, 7/12/1626, to SUSAN BOSWELL. He many have gone to Northumberland Co., Va. His wife may have been the daughter of Christopher Boswell wife may have been the daughter of Christopher Boswell and Margery Lambert, married at Worstead in 1577, and a sister of Edmund Boswell who married Susan Compton there in 1612.

Children of Clement Aldrich or Aldridge and Susan Boswell: (car. At Worstead)

I. ELIZABETH Aldrich, car. 4/8/1627.
II. JOHN Aldrich, car. 2/8. 1629.
III. MARY Aldrich, car. 4/17/ 1631.
IV. ALICE Aldrich, car. 9/1/1633, m. 5/12/1673, SAMUEL PYCROFT.
V. CLEMENT Aldrich, car. 9/25/1636, m. (1) ALICE , (2) 10/18/1668, ELIZABETH TILLS.
VI. MARY Aldrich, car. 7/24/1640.

CLEMENT ALDRIDGE or ALDRICH, son of Clement Aldrich or Aldridge and Susan Boswell :, was christened at Worstead, Norfolk, England, 8/25/1636. Entries In the parish register relating to him are as follows:

1. Norfolk Record Society Publications, Vol. XVIII, p. 76.
2. Boyd's Marriage Index for Norfolk, 1538 -1600, Vol. 1:139; Vol. 2:138.

1636 25 Sept. Clement s, Clement and Susan Aldrich.
1669 22 Aug. Elizabeth d. Clement and Elizabeth Aldridge.
1670 9 Oct. Mary d. Clement and Elizabeth Aldridge.

1668 18 Oct. Clement Aldridge and Elizabeth Tills.
1673 12 May Samuel Pycroft and Alice Aldered (sister of Clement).


1668 1 Sept. Alice W. Clement Aldridge.

In the year 1668, the name of Clement Aldridge first appears on the records of Northumberland Co., Va. " 7 Apr. 1668 Whereas it appears to this Co(t) y(t) Mr. Rich: Haskins CLEMENT ALDRIDGE stands indebted to Rich: Haskins In ye sums of six hundred eighty one pounds of Tobacco and Cask it is ordered that ye ad CLEMT ALDRIDGE forthwith pay ye ad sume unto ye ad Mr. Haskins." (Northumberland Co. Order Book, 3:35.)

Clement Aldridge and his wife Elizabeth became settlers in what was then known as Bowtracy and Fairfield parishes, embracing the section of Northumberland Co. North of the Great Wicocomico River (later shortened to Wicomico).

In 1698, these two parishes were united to form the parish of St. Stephen's parish has been preserved and is now at the State Library at Richmond, Va.. It is in a mutilated condition, the edges of some of the first pages In the volume being worn and wasted away at the edges. Yet the facts contained therein are priceless, imperfect though they be.

On page 3 are recorded these entries of the children of Clement Aldredge: "....ent Aldridge Son to Clement was Borne Sep................. ..........d Aldredge Daughter to do as borne Mar.................... .........ce Aldridge Daughter to Do was borne Oct................... ..........m Aldredge Son to Do was Borne Feb................... ........aac Aldredge Son to Do was borne S..................... .........ohn Aldredge Son to Do was borne Feb...............

Since Clement Aldridge, Jr., was a witness in Court in 1691, it is presumable that these children were born between the years 1672 and 1682. William Aldridge was an adult in 1700. The other sons were evidently Isaac and John; one of the daughters was either Alice or Grace; the other may possibly have been Winifred.

The next entry in the register in point of date and alphabetical sequence is in the year 1696 on page 4. Intervening year dates are missing. (Northumberland Co. Births and Deaths, 1650-1810, p.3)

On 2 Apr. 1677, CLEMT ARLIDGE witnessed a will.
ON 17 Apr. 1678, CLEMENT ALDRIDGE was party to a suit for debt. He was a carpenter or joiner by trade and had an apprentice bound to him 21 Aug. 1678. CLEMENT ALDRIGE was a tithable of Bowtracy parish 7 June 1679.

On 19 Nov. 1679, CLEMENT ALDRIDGE was paid for mending Bowtracy Church. He appears in various court entries in 1684 and 1688. On 22 June 1693, "William Beane was arrested at the suit of CLEMENT ALDRIDGE & ELIZABETH his wife." The final entry regarding him is recorded thus: "Aldridge's "Upon the mocon of ELIZABETH ALDRIDGE execrx a Probate is granted Will proved Her of the Last Will and Testament of CLEMENT ALDRIDGE deced. 19 Jan. 1698- the said Will being proved by the oaths of David Straughan & MARY TULLES 1699." Witnesses to the said Will and the same is admitted to Record. (Northumberland Co. Order Book 5:3)"

Unfortunately this will is missing, being destroyed in a fire at the Courthouse a short time later. It would have been, undoubtedly, of great aid.

Children of Clement Aldridge and Elizabeth Tills:
I. ELIZABETH Aldridge, car. 8/22/1669, Worstead, Norfolk, England.
II. MARY Aldridge, car. 10/9/1670, Worstead, Norfolk, Eng.
III. CLEMENT Aldridge, Jr., b. Sept. (Ca. 1672, Northumberland Co., Va..; will proved 3/20/1706; m. (10 ELIZABETH , (2) MARY .
IV. .......d, a daughter, (perhaps WINIFRED), b. Ca. 1674 in march.
V. .....ce, a daughter, (perhaps ALICE or GRACE, b. Oct. (Abt. 1676).
VI. WILLIAM Aldridge, b. Feb.. (Ca. 1678), Northumberland Co. Va..; inventory 1/20/1724-5; m. (1) ALICE (2) SARAH .
VII. ISAAC Aldridge, b. Sept. (ca. 1680), Northumberland Co., Va..
VIII. JOHN Aldridge, b. Feb.. (Ca. 1682), Northumberland Co., Va..; perhaps d. 4/16/ 1720.

WILLIAM ALLRIDGE or ARLEDGE, son of Clement Aldridge and Elizabeth Tills, was born in February, about the year 1678, in Northumberland Co., Va.. The day and year of his birth record are obliterated from the old St. Stephen's Parish Register, now preserved In the Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va..

The birth of one son is recorded in this same register to William: "...n sone to Wm Aldredge was born May 16, 170...." (P.3) This was evidently the son John who was under 21 in 1724, as mentioned in his father's will/ William's name appears frequently in the court records, his surname being spelled ALDRIDGE and ALDREDGE, BUT MOST FREQUENTLY ARLEDGE. "

19 May 1703. Wm. Arledge & ALICE his wife having this day in court acknowledged a Deed for Sixty acres of land more or less to Mrs. Hannah Nealy ye sd deed is Recorded." (Northumberland Co. Order Book, 5:246). WILLIAM ALDRIDGE or ARLEDGE married 2nd , SARAH . "The Inventory of the Estate of WM. ALDRIDGE Decd. Was presented in Northumberland County Court, 20 Jan. 1724, by SARAH ALDRIDGE widdow and relict of Wm. Aldridge." On 17 Feb.. 1724-5 "This Inventory of the Estate of WM. ARLEDGE Execx of the ad Decd and is admitted to Record." (Northumberland Co. Record Book, 19:375)

William Arledge's Will: "In the name of God Amen I WILLIAM ARLEDGE of the County of Northumberland being sick and weake in body but in perfect Sence & memory do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form following and first of all I Bequeath my Soul to allmighty God who Gave it me and my body to the Earth to be Buried at the Discretion of my Executrix hereafter mentioned. As Touching what worldly Goods it hath pleased God to Lend me I do Give and bestow as followeth: 'Imp.' I Give and bequeath unto my Sons WILLIAM & JOHN ARLEDGE my tract of Land lying in wiccocomoco parrish to be Equally Divided between them my Son WILLIAM to have the plantation. I give it to them and there heirs forever I likewise Give my Still to my three Sons WM: JNO & CLEMENT ARLEDGE Each of them to have there Equal part in her the Test of moveable Estate I Leave the use of it to my wife SARAH ARLEDGE Dureing her widowhood but if She married my will is that it Shall be Equally Divided between her & my Daughter JANE my Sons WM JNO CLEMENT & ISAAC ARLEDGE Everyone of them to have there Equal part my will is that William Fallin Shall have the Tuition of my son WILLIAM until he comes to the age of Twenty one years and that Charles Fallin Shall have the Tuition al my son JNO UNTIL HE COMES TO THE AGE OF TWENTY YEARS I do Likewise appoint my wife SARAH ARLEDGE to be Exectx of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and Seale this Twenty fifth day of August Anno Domini 1724. Signed Sealed & published In the presence of W. Arledge (Seale) his Thomas X Norman mark Charles Fallin" (Northumberland Co. Wills, Ibid., p. 389)

William's widow did not survive him many years. On 19 April 1727, the "Inventory of the Estate of SARAH ARLEDGE was presented to court by William Thomas, Richard March and Richd Thomas." (Ibid., 20:70a)

The following record of the division of her estate may indicate which of the children mentioned in the will of William were her own children, and which those of the first wife ALICE. Division of "Northumberland County SS in Obedience to an order court held Arledge The 18th of June 1729 we the subscribers being William Thomas Estate executor of Richard Faulks who was administrator of SARAH ARLEDGE we find the Orphan's's estates to be five pounds fifteen shillings and four pence halfpenny apiece which said money we have possest the said John Callahan with as Witness John Conway Yarratt Hughlett Joseph Fipton.

July 16th 1729 "This Division of the Estate of SARAH ARLEDGE Decd from the Estate of Richard Faulks decd was presented in Northd County court by Wm. Thomas the sd Rid Faulks' execr and administr to record. Rd Lee." (Ibid., 20:137)

Children of Wm. Aldridge and prob. 1st wife Alice:

I. WILLIAM Aldridge, b. ca. 17604, d. Ca. 1770, m. .
II. JOHN Aldridge, b. 5/16/170 , (prob. Abt. 1706), d. after 1756 m. (1) , perhaps (2) 6/11/1738, ANNIE HAMILTON.
III. CLEMENT Aldridge, b. ca. 1708, d. after 1790, m. ANN .
IV. JANE Aldridge, b. ca. 1710, living 1724. Children: (prob. 2nd wife Sarah)
V. ISAAC Aldridge, b. ca.1722, living 1729.
VI. SARAH Aldridge, b. ca. 1724, (perhaps after the making of her father's will, 8/25/1724), living 1729.

JOHN ALDRIDGE OR ALDRED OR ALRED, son of William Aldridge or Arledge and probably his first wife ALICE , WAS BORN 5/16/170 (PROBABLY ABOUT 17060, in Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co., Va.. He was under twenty when his father made his will. This would fix his year of birth definitely between the years 1705 and 1709.

In May 1740, CLEMENT ARLEDGE obtained an attachment against the Estate of JOHN ARLEDGE for nine hundred pounds of tobacco. In 1755, the family had removed to Orange Co, N.C.

A list of Taxable of Orange Co., for that year shows living there: Thomas Allre 2 whites William Aldridge 1 white Solomon Alred 1 white JOHN ALRED 1 white William Alred 1 white William Alred 1white (Film, North Carolina Records, No. 15, Pt. 2)

On 15 March 1755 is recorded a "Grant from Earl Granville to JOHN ALDRED of Orange Co., N.C., of 640 acres. Entry 154. No. 01128.

On 15 March 1756 there was a "Grant to JOHN ALDRED or ALRED must have been in full sympathy with those who opposed official tyranny. There is preserved on Petition from a group of his neighbors, and he on behalf of Thomas Welborn, who appears to have come under investigation fro his part in the struggle.

Among those signing this testimonial were these: Semore York, Jeremiah York, TIDENCE LANE, JOHN LANCE, JOHN ALREAD, Shubal Stearnes. (Colonial records of North Carolina (25-26) Randolph County was formed from Orange County and Rowan County, (Guilford Co. from Orange and Rowan, 1771; Randolph Co. From Guilford, 1779), and this included the Sandy Creek Settlement.

It is probable that JOHN died before 1779, but the date of his death is uncertain. Children of John Aldridge or Aldred or Alred:

I. THOMAS, b. ca. 1730, prob. Northumberland Co., Va.; will proved May, 1810; m. ELIZABETH . (See later)
II. WILLIAM, b. Ca. 1732, prob. Northumberland Co., Va.; will proved May, 1825, m. ELIZABETH . (See later)
III. SOLOMON, b. ca. 1734, prob. Northumberland Co., Va.; living 1790; m. MARY .
IV.JOHN, b. ca. 1736, prob. Northumberland co., Va.: d. 1792; ma. MARGARET CHENEY.

THOMAS ALLRED, son of John ALDRIDGE or Alfred or Alred, was born about 1730, probably in Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co., Va. He had moved with his parents to what was then Orange County, but is now Randolph co., N.C., prior to 1755, when he first appears upon the records there. By this date he was married and probably had one child.

The first list of Taxables made in Randolph County after its formation in 1779, drawn up that same year, included in one group Thomas and four of his sons: ELIAS ALLRED, JOHN ALLRED, JR., THOMAS ALLRED, WILLIAM ALLRED, JAMES ALLRED. Before 1790, when the first Federal Census was taken, his son WILLIAM had removed to S.C. MOSES also removed early to Ga.

Thomas Alred, of Randolph Co., N.C., in his will dated 8 Nov. 1809, proved in May, 1810, mentions wife ELIZABETH, sons & daughter JAMES, WILLIAM, ELIAS, JON, MOSES & ELI, RACHEL BROWN & ELIZABETH JONES; grandson WILLIAM ALRED son of ELIAS ALRED; son LEVI. (Randolph Co. Wills, 3: 188-189)

Children of Thomas Allred and Elizabeth: (born in Randolph Co., N.C.)
I. JAMES Allred, b. ca. 1754.
II. WILLIAM Allred, b. ca. 1756, m. ELIZABETH THRASHER.
III. ELIAS Allred, b. 5/6/ 1758, living aged 82 in 1840, m. .
IV. JOHN Allred, b. ca. 1760, d. before 1841, m. RUTH LANE.
V. RACHEL Allred, b. ca. 1762, d. Before 1841, m. ROBERT BROWN.
VII. ELI Allred, b. ca. 1766, m. .
VIII. ELIZABETH Allred, b. ca. 1768, m. JONES.
IX. THOMAS Allred, Jr., b. ca. 1770, m. .
X. LEVI Allred, b. ca. 1772, m. .


bullet  Noted events in his life were:



Thomas married Elizabeth Diffee, daughter of William John Diffee and Betty Ann. (Elizabeth Diffee was born about 1736 in Randolph County, NC and died in 1810 in Randolph County, NC.)


Thomas next married Elisabeth Twiggs, daughter of William John Diffee and Unknown. (Elisabeth Twiggs was born in 1732 and died in 1827.)

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