Harald Granraude
Asa Haraldsdatter
(Abt 780-Abt 840)


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Gudrod "Veidekonge" Halvdansson

Asa Haraldsdatter

  • Born: Abt 780, Agder, Norway
  • Marriage: Gudrod "Veidekonge" Halvdansson about 810
  • Died: Abt 840, Norway about age 60

bullet  General Notes:

Born: Cir 780, Agder, Norway
Marriage: Gudröd "Veidekonge" Halvdansson circa 810
Died: Cir 840, Norway at age 60
General Notes:
From "The Ynglinga Saga": "53. OF GUDROD THE HUNTER. Gudrod, Halfdan's son, succeeded. He was called Gudrod the Magnificent, and also Gudrod the Hunter. He was married to Alfhild, a daughter of King Alfarin of Alfheim, and got with her half the district of Vingulmark. Their son Olaf was afterwards called Geirstad-Alf. Alfheim, at that time, was the name of the land between the Glommen and Gotha rivers. Now when Alfhild died, King Gudrod sent his men west to Agder to the king who ruled there, and who was called Harald Redbeard. They were to make proposals to his daughter Aasa upon the king's account; but Harald declined the match, and the ambassadors returned to the king, and told him the result of their errand. Soon after King Gudrod hove down his ships into the water, and proceeded with a great force in them to Agder. He immediately landed, and came altogether unexpectedly at night to King Harald's house. When Harald was aware that an army was at hand, he went out with the men he had about him, and there was a great battle, although he wanted men so much. King Harald and his son Gyrd fell, and King Gudrod took a great booty. He carried away with him Aasa, King Harald's daughter, and had a wedding with her. They had a son by their marriage called Halfdan; and the autumn that Halfdan was a year old Gudrod went upon a round of feasts. He lay with his ship in Stiflesund, where they had been drinking hard, so that the king was very tipsy. In the evening, about dark, the king left the ship; and when he had got to the end of the gangway from the ship to the shore, a man ran against him, thrust a spear through him, and killed him. The man was instantly put to death, and in the morning when it was light the man was discovered to be Aasa's page-boy: nor did she conceal that it was done by her orders. ..." _____________________________ The Oseberg ship burial is the most richly furnished Scandinavian grave ever found. The clinker-built ship is in oak with twelve board planks and fifteen oar ports on each side, indicating that she must have had a crew of thirty-five to forty men. The stem and stern are decorated with ornate woodcarvings. The ship was probably used like a royal yacht, for voyages in the fjords and along the coasts of Norway, by people of high rank. One of the women may have been the legendary Queen Åsa, founder of the Norwegian royal family, hence the name Oseberg: “Åsa’s mound”. 1084 <../Sources.htm>
Åsa married Gudröd "Veidekonge" Halvdansson, son of Halvdan Milde og mat-ille and Liv Dagsdotter, circa 810. (Gudröd "Veidekonge" Halvdansson was born circa 775 in Vestfold, Norway and died circa 826 in Vestfold, Norway.) The cause of her death was murder by a retainer of his second wife Asa.


Asa married Gudrod "Veidekonge" Halvdansson, son of Halvdan Milde og mat-ille and Liv Dagsdotter, about 810. (Gudrod "Veidekonge" Halvdansson was born about 775 in Vestfold, Norway and died about 826 in Vestfold, Norway.)


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